When installing a fluorescent or LED troffer in a drop ceiling configuration, it's imperative to know as much about the layout and structure before hand.

Drop Ceilings (also defined as, suspended drop ceiling, T-bar ceiling, false ceiling, suspended ceiling, grid ceiling) is considered a staple of architecture and construction in the modern era for commercial and residential applications.

They are supported by the ceiling structure's T-bar framework and are usually the easiest to install. However, the fixtures do require additional anchored wire support.

Here's 7 basic steps to Installing a Troffer in a Drop Ceiling:

1.First, remove the ceiling panel (and one on each side) of the location where the fixture will be installed.

2. Then, drill holes into the hard ceiling (only large enough to support the anchors), in exact        measurement of the opening.

3. Next, screw eye bolts into each of the anchors.

4. Then, gently set the fixture in the T-bar framework and proceed to attach the luminaire to each eye bolt. Wrap the wiring around - make sure it's secure. *Note, the wiring is to ensure  that the troffer won't fall and hit someone if the T-bar collapses.*

5. Connect the troffer light its respective circuit wiring and then install the ballast cover.

6. Install the lamps and close the cover.

7. Finally, insert the two ceiling panels (one on each side of location) and then turn on the power.

If you're troffer lights up then you've done a great job!

Now, finish installing the remaining fixtures of your project and let us know how it goes!

If you have any questions about installing, wattage, lamps or other Troffer lighting related inquires, contact our expert staff at (888) 997-2618or email us today!

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